Questions for Morris


What Do We Offer?

  • Classes that are educational and specific 
  • Resource materials for your investor library 
  • Plenty of field training
  • A path toward financial freedom
  • A break from the “rat race” so you may enjoy your life
  • Personalized problem-solving
  • Active one-on-one support 
  • Experiential Education—not just theory 
  • Hands-on training
  • A personal road map for success
  • A system that helps you avoid costly mistakes 
  • A 100% complete mentoring system 
  • Backup plans for all variables 


How do you find your deals?

Why there is no one way to find deals, my philosophy has always been, find a few good realtors and develop a good relationships.... They will feed you deals.....


When we buy properties and we analyze market value, how do we protect ourselves when  market value goes up and down after you closed on the property?

When we analyze an investment property we should always make sure we can purchase and sell and purchase and rent..if the answer is no to one to either one of these questions we don't move on the deal.... if you can't sell a property or market value fluctuates you should be able to rent until market condition is right.


When did you know you wanted to be a real state investor how did you do your first deal?

During my last year of collage i wanted to be a real estate investor.  It took me two years after collage to do my first deal.  I cashed advanced on my credit cards and purchased my first deal 20 years ago.  Since then i have flipped over 700 homes.


80% of people who get involved in real estate give up in a few months. Why?

  • Poor focus and wasted time
  • Lack of business planning
  • No support, no coaching and No Mentor 
  • Wrong strategy in today’s market

We make certain that you know how to leap over these hurdles when you encounter them! 

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